Training Teachers for Inclusion in Mongolia (2021-2024)


APRIL 2021

01 April, 2021

Partnership Consortium Agreement, signed by the Rector of the Dornod University sent to the Project coordinator.

03 April, 2021

To get more informed about legislation on Inclusive education in Mongolia, some members joined the “Sustainable Development Goal 4 and Inclusive Education Policy in Mongolia” webinar, initiated by the Association of Parent’s with Disabled Children (APDC) of Mongolia.

05 April, 2021

Discussed the last version of updated equipment list for SEN center.
All of introduced and discussed issues at the Kick-off meeting on 30 March were delivered (R. Surlegmaa) to the working group members. The financial/ management aspects, the budget items and guidelines were explained.

13 April, 2021

Equipment Purchase list and confirmed Financial identification form sent to the Project coordinator.
Working group meeting- With purpose to improve English language skills, the members translate and present some parts of the project documents.
The  E.2 Quality control and monitoring section  and E.6 Work packages were discussed.

MARCH 2021

01 March, 2021

Working group meeting- WG members introduced data/ information gathered during their visit to the Human development center and Rehabilitation center in Choibalsan.   


Working group members organized the Information session for University Administrative Council Members to provide more detailed information about MELINC project.

04, 12 March, 2021

Online meeting with MNUE and KHOVD working group members- Introducing and discussing about equipment and tools for sensory room at the SEN centers.

09 March, 2021

Mongolian partners meeting on SEN counseling centres establishment and Inclusive Education concepts;

12 March, 2021

Working group meeting- Discussion about significance and issues of the Special Needs Education courses for bachelor’s in Teacher Education programs.


Online meeting with D.Tsogzolmaa, (Ph.D) psychologist at  the National Center for Mental Health (MCMH), professor of  Mongolian University of Science and Technology. She provided more information about national policy, diagnosing services provided by NCMH and mostly used in Mongolia child screening software and tools.   

19 March, 2021

Working group members had attended the “EU FUNDED CBHE PROJECTS in MONGOLIA 2021” webinar, organized by the European Union Delegation to Mongolia. The overall goal of the online event was to promote EU funded Erasmus+ projects in Mongolia by increasing the awareness of its impact and benefits among all stakeholders and to share best practices among the Higher education community in Mongolia.  

22 March, 2021

Work group meeting- WG members (B.Enkhtuya, Ts. Ariunzul) introduced about their visit to the secondary school #11, where is recently established a Sensory room.



23 March, 2021

Working group members attended the Mongolian partners meeting on the procurement and tendering for equipment on the SEN counseling centers and the activation of future collaboration.
WG member Ts. Ariunzul presented Fact finding analyses and program implementation for Inclusive education and Special needs Education at Dornod University.

30 March, 2021

Two representatives (R.Surlegmaa, R.Jargaltuya) attended the Kick-off meeting for all MELINC partner organizations, leaded by project coordinator Gracienne, VUB.