Students of the Accounting program have started participating in Work-based learning.

As part of the “Work-based learning for higher education system in Mongolia towards better employability of university graduates” (MONGWBL) project funded by the European Union's Erasmus+ scholarship program, the 3rd year students in the Accounting program of the Dornod School of NUM are participating in a long-term paid apprenticeship at the Dornod Branch of Golomt Bank.
The students took a preliminary exam and participated in the "Customer Service Training" course in Ulaanbaatar between 13.06.2023 and 21.06.2023. They consolidated the theoretical knowledge they acquired during the training at the Dornod branch of Golomt Bank, practiced for 7 days, and successfully passed the final exam. Now they officially enrolled in paid, long-term Work-based learning.
We would like to thank the Golomt Bank for leading the development of the region and making a valuable contribution to preparing skilled employees for the future.